“Future” – Dmitry Glukhovsky / Review

Rarely an author can grab my attention and became one of my favorite only by one book. Usually I need to read three-four books. But with Glukhovsky the case was not like that.

Last summer one of my colleagues mentioned a book which I’ve heard of. The book was “Metro 2033”. I made a research about the plot and a few things grabbed me immediately: dystopia, underground, Russia. So I realized what a big omission was that we have not met with Mr. Glukhovsky earlier.


Dmitry Glukhovsky is famous all around the world with his”Metro” trilogy. The dystopia is definitely his style. And that’s the reason why when I saw the imminent release of “Future” in Bulgarian language, I held my breath. In fact, I did not buy the book – my good friend gave it to me to read it before her (Thanks, Joy!). For the book edition: Publishing house “Ciela” as always made a perfect book. And there is no better cover than that Zhivko Petrov created – just amazing.

Cover: Zhivko Petrov, Ciela Publishing, Bulgaria

The author describes a world that most of us often fantasize about. We all imagine that in the future everybody would be immortal, forever young, healthy and beautiful. We’ll live more than our ancestors does ever and we would look at 27-28 years old forever. Yeah, but how much of us has through about the negative aspects of this whole dream – how would we get this immortality, how much people can the Earth “fit” and what about possible overpopulation? Glukhovsky portray all the details so good, that at some point it is even frightening – when you look out the window you expect to see the huge towers with hyper fast elevators that reach the sky.

Plot: As I mentioned above – immortality is already a reality. The Earth is overpopulated – only in Europe 120 billion people live. Where do they live? They live in huge towers, few kilometers high that are spread all across the continents. There are no children, but everyone is young and healthy. And here is the tricky part: The Law. It is raw and cruel: if two people want to have a child, they must register the pregnancy and one of the parents must give up his immortality.But as in today’s world – there are always those who want to cheat the system. And that’s how we meet Jan. He is part of “Immortals”. The “Immortals” are cruel soldiers and group of stormtroopers who ensure compliance with the law and seek out and find the offenders. They use the accelerated aging serum that within 10 years kills a man, and seizes the hidden child. But Jan gets an additional special task, different than the regular ones: to catch a dangerous terrorist. If he succeeds he could get the chance to move up in the tower, where the rich and happy people are, and to become part of them. But the things go wrong … so wrong…

Honestly, what I like the most is description of the towns, towers, floors, parks. Glukhovsky has a great talent for building worlds – so different from ours, in such details like you can see it in front of you. I would really want to see this things with my own eyes – the towers, the trains and everything. But we must be careful with what we wish for – think I like the current Earth more 😀

I gave 4 from 5 stars for the book at Goodreads only because I expected more details of everything that I mentioned in the previous paragraph. I feel that if the book was filled with more details regarding this new world I would be very, very happy. Overall, I liked the book and highly recommend it! It’s a great experience.

If you love dystopia books – give a chance to Dmitry Glukhovsky and his “Metro 2033” and “Future”. 🙂

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